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goodd1121 - 30, brussels, Belgium
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Idade 30
Minhas propriedades
NĂŁo curto festas
Meu primeiro encontro com vocĂŞ
Um jantar a luz de velas em casa
Coisas que me deixam ligado(a)
Um banho de espuma com velas e vinho tinto
Meus passatempos
Altura 162
Peso 79
Cor dos olhos Preto
Cor de cabelo Preto
Estado civil Single
Filhos NĂŁo
Fumante NĂŁo
Bebe Nunca
Eu estou aqui para Namoro
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About me

Looking for an activity partner (in crime) for stuff like camping, fishing, the coast, and the mountains, swimming, cooking, watching movies and whatever else seems like a good idea. Seems like it would be easy enough to find someone who likes to do those kinds of things, but easier said than done.
I love the outdoors but its more fun to explore and share the experience with someone else.for more info at gmail....karydaniels1987@gmail.com

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