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alexwilson - 53, New York, United states
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Idade 53
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Romântico, Comunicativo, Fiel, Dedicado, Honesto, Cômico, Ciumento, Esportivo, Quente
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MĂşsica, Esporte, Traveling
Altura 183
Peso 82
Cor dos olhos Blue
Cor de cabelo Castanho Claro
Estado civil Single
Filhos NĂŁo
Fumante NĂŁo
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Eu estou aqui para Casado
Idiomas English

About me

My name is Alexander Wilson. I was born in Sweden, my mother is Swedish and my father is from England. I grew up in Stockholm, after my graduation from the University 4 years later i moved to live in the USA. I now live in the city of New York, I have stayed 15 years in the US i will say my english improved during the course of my profession as an independent contractor/freelancer. I have never been married though i indulged in a relationship previously which did not lead to marriage. I hope to find a piece of inestimable value and Queen of my heart in a woman that is Only meant for me.

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